Episode #23 of Between Two Wheels: Cycling Analysis from NorCal; Hosts Tyler Janke, Curt Mills and Chris Flower.

Do you need help making progress on the bike? Get DDA Coach Nate Dunn’s “Coaching Tip” to explain it all. Tyler, Curt and Chris get into the cyclocross scene with commentary and interviews from race #3 of the Sacramento Cyclocross Series at Lembi Park in Folsom (11/5/17).  But first, Phil Gaimon puts on his tinfoil hat and once again contradicts himself, and we call him out for it.  Cross race interviews include: Audrey Biehle, John Novikoff, Scott Hooper and Jeff Scott. 

Coach Dunn - How to Make Progress on the Bike.  

CyclingNews: Gaimon calls Cancellara mechanical doping accusations a 'red herring'

CyclingNews: UCI to investigate Gaimon's Cancellara mechanical doping accusations

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