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 HealthIQ - www.healthiq/btw

As a cyclist or active person, you could benefit from your lifestyle with savings and lower rates on life insurance.  Health IQ uses science and data to secure lower rates on life insurance for people just like you, including runners, cyclists, strength trainers, vegans and more.  Think about it, you’re healthy and your active lifestyle is a result of your health or maybe it’s the other way around.  But they work together.  And healthy people deserve special rates. It’s like saving money by being a good driver, Health IQ gets you lower rates on life insurance with your health-conscious lifestyle.  How do they know you’re a cyclist or runner or a Vegan?  Well, the first two can be accomplished by submitting race results, Strava data…the Vegan one may require more in-depth conversation. 

Between Two Wheels is sponsored by Health IQ, an Insurance Company that helps Health Conscious people get special life insurance rates. Go to www.healthiq.com/BTW (BTW - Between Two Wheels) to support the show and learn more.

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