Episode #2 of Between Two Wheels.  Host Tyler Janke of Data Driven Athlete Racing.  Discussion with Nate Dunn, founder and owner of Data Driven Athlete.  We are joined by fellow cyclist and teammate Travis Retzer and Chris Flower.  Curt Mills is AWOL but we forged on.

Nate is a recipient of a liver transplant and recently became a two time world champion at the transplant games in Spain while defending his title two years prior in Argentina.  We have a lively discussion of his love for cycling, coaching and what being a transplant recipient is all about.  Give us a review and comment on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast.fm, Podbean and Google Play.

On Twitter: @tjanke
Team website: https://racing.datadrivenathlete.com/ 
Find Nate at Data Driven Athlete: https://datadrivenathlete.com/ ; @ddacoaching


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